Eating Out In Copenhagen- Foodie’s Neighbourhood Guide

Travelling in Winter has it’s ups and downs. One of the downs is that sometimes you cannot go out sightseeing, but this can turn into an up pretty quickly in a city like Copenhagen. Foodies will rejoice in this funky city full of underground bars, street food and markets.
People are now travelling across the globe to eat their way through Copenhagen- the city with some of the most Michelin stars. Getting frozen solid stepping foot out the door whilst there for four days, I figured it would be an epic task to taste my way through the city. Trying out the best of each and every neighbourhood.

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City Center

The city center, well what I would call the most ‘central’ district holds hundreds, maybe even thousands of bars and restaurants- but you can’t look past the Hard Rock Café. Located directly adjacent to the Town Hall and Tivoli Park, the Hard Rock will literally- rock your world. The meal sizes are what you expect of the legendary chain, with a steak the sized of my head (literally) and the juiciest burgers on earth. I must admit, I could not even fit dessert in after a few cocktails and steak, which is pretty suprising for me, so you can really see how big these meals are! The cocktail range is enormous, with seasonal inspired specialites- such as my yummo ‘Oh Sweet Apple Pie’. Prices are comparatively low for Copenhagen and the atmosphere is electric.
Price range: $$$

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Torvehallerne Market Hall is just off the main strip, about a 5 minute walk from Norreport station. The two glass houses are home to over 100 vendors- with everything from smoothies to tapas. Those looking for variety and a range of pricing will love it here and it has a really fun atmosphere.

Price range: $-$$$


One word. Groed. Who would have though porridge could be SO damn delicious! This boutique eatery mixes comfort food with a gourmet twist. The menu includes items such as traditional Danish oats, Beetroot Barley-Otto (a risotto made of barley wheat and beetroot- pictured below), a Dahl porridge (indian style) and you can even design your own. I opted for the gluten free oats, with caramel fudge topping, fig, yoghurt and chocolate- as you can see… it was mind blowing. Not only is the food unique and yummy, the cafe is in a really cool area surrounded by vintage stores, wine bars and beautiful buildings. Groed has now expanded into three stores, so you can also find a pop-up style store in the verwhatever market hall!
Price range: $



Vinhanen wine bar and bistro is a great find in the area. Keeping gallons of wine on premise means they can reduce the prices, and bottle you a fresh vino! Smaller dishes can be purchased at the bar and it provides a really cool, laid back atmosphere.
Price range: $$$


This area hosts the Meat Packing District. Here, in the renovated warehouses and sea containers you can find any style cuisine you desire. From Mexican to organic vegan- the meat packing suits all tastes. You may have to pay a little extra here as this area is booming and hipster-foodie-types are jacking up the prices, but you can have some of the finest local dishes.
In an old Bosch electrical store is BioMio– a farmers fresh organic restaurant that takes classic dishes and adds a Danish twist. All of their food is straight from the farm, with no processed or packaged junk used. The burger, a very popular dish, is enourmous and will satisfy a huge hunger. For a more delicate meal, the cod is simple yet perfectly cooked. Hint: get yourself a house-made lemonade for a really refreshing buzz!
Price range: $$$$

Another great feed here can be found at El Barrio Mexican Street Kitchen. Relatively cheap compared to some of it’s neighbours, you can get any start, main and drink for under 200 DKK, so you will be well in your budget. The El Barrio Bowl is great- healthy and satisfying!
Price range: $$

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Paper island, or Papirøen is located on the western edge of the island. About five minutes from the gates of Christiania (Free-town) you will find this massive warehouse. The docking yard has been transformed into a street vendors lair and is filled with all different kinds of food retailers. Almost every country has a stall dedicated to their cuisine, from Brazilian to Korean. You can spend hours, even days eating your way through here wish most dishes entre-size and perfect for sharing. I spent over 4 hours here and left VERY happy. I would highly recommend the ‘juicy’ juice and health food stall, get the rice paper rolls and soup combo. The duck fat chips at Copper and Wheat are to die for and you will also love the Korean BBQ Bulko at the back of the warehouse. Seriously- there is so much choice you will go crazy!
Price range: $-$$

Nemoland– the only real café or restaurant inside the Free town Christiania is a pretty weird and wonderful place to grab a hot dog or pomme frites and chill out. Have a snack (make sure you didn’t buy a hash brownie unless you meant to!) and take in the strangest place on earth.

Price range: $

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