Disneyland Paris- Top 10

Sometimes huge theme parks can be daunting. After two fantastic days (you can read more here) at Disneyland Paris, I discovered my top ten most important, unforgettable and unmissable factors that make the perfect Euro Disney experience!


10. Mad Hatters Tea Cups

The photo opportunities, the colour and the craziness of spinning and twirling around the Mad Hatter’s party- don’t miss it!

9. Walt Disney Studios

Often seen as the lesser of the two-park Disneyland, you cannot miss this. I personally liked the rides here the most! Rock n Roller Coaster (Aerosmith) was absolutely awesome plus you will actually SEE Disney characters in the hourly central character stage.


8. Sleeping Beauties Castle- Under and Through!

The iconic tower stands in the heart of Paris Disneyland, however many forget to actually explore it! Climb up the tower, take in the views, see the stunning stained glass windows depicting sleeping beauties story and don’t forget to check out the sleeping dragon in the dungeon below!

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7. Fast Pass

Disney-goers often don’t realise they have this perk on many of the rides. Everyone is welcome to grab a fast pass from the ticket booths outside of main attractions (booking in a 30min time slot to come back and skip the queue!) Just don’t forget to come back in time- you don’t get two chances!

6. It’s a Small World

This may be a little lame, but it is a Disneyland classic ride. Taking a boat tour through the countries of the world, with miniature toy people singing and dancing- it is so cute (and a little creepy), just something you need to say you have done!


5. Meet Mickey Mouse

It is Disney!!! You simply must! Inside the main park Mickey has his own meet and greet building, but you can also find him walking around the park most days. I suggest waiting in the Meet Mickey Theatre as the backdrop and lighting is better for photos and they let you take your time, be silly and take any photos you like- without people watching you!


4. Get On The Hot Air Balloon!

Disneyland Village (outside of Disneyland- no ticket needed!) is a great little plaza with restaurants, shopping and entertainment all day. At the end of the plaza lies the BIGGEST hot air balloon you have ever seen, and is only 12 Euro to ride! Head up at sunset or early in the morning at opening (10am) so you get the best views of the masses of people swarming the park. It is also a great way to get your mental map bearings!

disneyland (250)

3. The No-Line Adventures

People often think it is all about the rides. Wrong. There is SO much to do without waiting around- you must see Alice’s labyrinth, Adventureland’s Pirate Cove, Sleeping Beauties Castle, Main Street USA and most of Walt Disney Studios!

disneyland (284)

2. The Big Five

Buzz Lightyears Lazer Blast, Indiana Jones Temple of Peril, Big Thunder Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Ratatouille 3d.

The lines are long, the wait is boring BUT worth every second once on board. Get those fast passes and skip the queue!

Note: many of these attractions may close during peak seasons for renovations and fixes, so don’t be too upset as remember, millions of people ride them a year and they need to be safe!!!!

 disneyland (260)

1. Disneyland Dreams Fireworks Show.

In summer this show is at 11PM. Yes, you heard right… 11pm (marks the closing time of the park). However it is still bright outside until 10.30!!! This is an epic, light and water show spectacular with all the classic songs, characters and castles of Disney coming to life. I literally cried with happiness (yes, I am a child inside!) and is worth coming back for after dinner and a long day of adventuring!


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