Detoxing in South Western Australia: The Mudstone Spa Retreat

My journey to Australia was simply incredible. The sun, the outback and the glorious sun that soaks into every part of you. It is this natural beauty that makes Australia the perfect place to switch off and enjoy the company of your loved ones as you reflect on life’s many mysteries.

Taking a trip to the south-west of Australia is something really special and should never be taken for granted. The winding highways are surrounded by eucalyptus and jarrah, crashing waves along limestone cliffs and the blazing sun always dotted high in the sky. Everywhere you look there is beauty. It is here, among the towering karri trees, that the Mudstone Spa Retreat lies.

The Mudstone is located in Pemberton, in the central south-west of Australia. Far into the karri forests, down an unsealed road, you will find this tiny sanctuary. No internet, no WiFi, no reception and no conventional television, you are truly here to be with your thoughts and make memories.

The Mudstone has a main guesthouse central to the property and just three rooms to stay – the Spa Cottage, Moroccan Suite and Executive Suite. My best friend Anya and I opted for the secluded cottage,  which was absolutely perfect for our girly escape.

The Spa Cottage, aptly named due to it’s outdoor hot tub and indoor sauna, became our home away from home. As you pull up to the rustic wood-clad cabin, you start to feel completely relaxed. The cottage has its own kitchen, king size bedroom and stand-alone bathtub, along with a separate shower area, hot tub and of course – sauna.


The room is also chock full of DVDs to watch as you sip on some local Pemberton wines, or simply sit back and enjoy the quite hum of nature in the bubbling hot tub.

We loved that the cottage was all fully equipped as we could spend the days on the beach or hiking through the forests and have our own prepared lunches. We even managed to fire up the BBQ for a real Aussie meal under the stars.

The Mudstone asks that you appreciate the local surroundings by switching off from the outside world and with such a little haven to settle into, it really is easy. Make sure you bring yourself a little portable speaker for your soaking sessions as well, it was so nice having a vino and sing-a-long!

The best thing about the retreat is that is is owned and operated by a lovely Australian couple who are always willing to have a chat and glass of wine. It really makes the whole experience so much nicer knowing you have great company just a few meters away.

Prices for the Spa Cottage start from just $275 AUD a night, so it really is the cheapest retreat you will find!

I was welcomed as a guest of the Mudstone Spa Retreat, but as always, all opinions are completely my own. A huge thank you to Joy for sorting out our stay and we look forward to returning one day soon!

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