Croatia: A Travelogue

Reading up on Croatia for the past few months, I was dying to see what all the fuss was about. It lived up to all the hype and expectations.


Arriving first in Dubrovnik, there is one key thing you must do. Walk the walls of the old city. For 100 Kuna ($20) it takes about two hours (it can be very, very hot up there so make sure you’re well protected!) and the views, the architecture and the history brings so much joy. Overlooking the thousands of golden and burnt orange rooftops, the brilliant turquoise Adriatic Sea and small islands dotting the horizon, Dubrovnik is a must.


Next stop- Split. The coastal town boasts a great nightlife scene, but the markets and art stalls are the best part. Dotting the cobbled streets, hundreds of buskers, artists and fashion stalls line the sidewalks and the atmosphere is electric. Check out Palais de Dioclétien in the heart of the town, there is so much to see it will take at least 2 hours with the masses of people there at all times of the day. Climb the palace Bell Tower- the views of the Split Harbour are priceless.

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If you choose for an extra day in Split (which is never a bad idea) a day trip to Krka Falls is a must. These tours are run by hundreds of companies and with a two-to-three hour bus trip, you will arrive at the enormous falls, swim in the clear blue lagoons and enjoy the Croatian sun. Any wanderlust heart will be happy here.

After a full day in Split, it is time to leave the hustle and bustle and opt for something a little more magical. That place is Hvar. Hvar Island is nestled about an hour and a half away (by ferry) from Split and three hours from Dubrovnik. Hvar is indescribable. The more people you meet, the more you realise this. People get stuck here. A two day trip turns to four, then ten. The island has a sort of calming, peaceful effect on everyone and the clean, picturesque town never gets old. You can walk for hours and never get bored. There are so many pebble stone beaches with the clearest water you have ever seen to discover. It is heaven on this earth.

If I had to break Hvar down for you, which again, is a near impossible task- I would highly suggest the following.

Day trip on a speed boat to Green cave, Blue Lagoon and Palmizana. There are ‘party’ boats that do this too and are SO much fun with a big group. You can book this through Hvar tours– just make sure you tell them whether you want to party or relax that day, they will find a boat that suits! Otherwise you can go through Villa Skansi– the biggest party hostel in town (and my favourite place to stay!).

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Go on a pub crawl to Carpe Diam Island nightclub. Leaving from town every day of the year, you can join hundreds of twenty-somethings work their way through two Hvar bars, then taxi over to Carpe Diam, voted one of the best nightclubs in the world, to dance in the open air and swim in the beach to the world’s best DJ’s until you can no longer stand.

Climb to the Hvar Fortress. Towering above the old Hvar town is a giant castle-like fortress. For about $10 AUD you can see some spectacular views, scramble through dungeons and get a perfect spot for sunset.


Rent a car while you are on the island to see it all. More on this here.


Croatia is a magical, mystical wonderland. Every person on this earth needs to see what all the fuss is about because to this day, I have not heard a single bad word said about the coastal sanctuary.

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