Coral Bay- The Jewel of the North West

Coral Bay, Western Australia is truly a site to see. The Ningaloo Reef fringes the marine park on the North West coast of Australia and has some of the densest and closest part of the natural reef area, with the most coral variations in Australia. More coral means more wildlife to see! Coral Bay Ecotours runs the Marine Ecotour daily- the one tour in town where you have the possibility to see everything out there.

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After a short briefing and grabbing our gear for the day, the guides drove us down to the Kurni-Ku, our boat for the day.


Big smiles and snorkels in hand, we headed for the first reef stop- the Grand Canyon. My favourite stop of the day, the huge crevices and underwater world formed here is just amazing, with so many different colourful fish and coral. To my surprise, two turtles came to join me and I spent  20 minutes swimming, diving and watching these beauties in their home. Pure Bliss.


Morning tea was ready for us as we boarded and headed for the Turtle Feeding Sanctuary- the perfect spot to sit and watch as hundreds of turtles bobbed their heads above water, ducked and dived their way through the clear reef.


Heading back too sea it was time to find the resident population of Manta Rays. The rays live in Coral Bay year round, which is very rare to find. With a plane in the sky it wasn’t long until we found a few of these giant, peaceful rays, with their wing span of around 4m tip to tip. We got in groups and slid into the blue, with the rays in our site we swam toward them as they glided through the depths. Truly an amazing experience to see something so large and calm in it’s home.


Time for lunch as we made our way back to the reef area for our final mooring and snorkel at ‘The Maze’, a winding pathway of coral. A delicious chicken salad lunch, rolls and fresh fruit was the perfect meal and we all filled our hungry bellies as we watched the fish circling below our feet, The best lunch view in the world.

Free snorkel time followed, with more turtles playing and catching their lunches, we could swim, tan on the top deck or keep an eye out for the whale sharks that had been sighted in earlier weeks.


If you love to swim, feel like a mermaid (the best part) and see nature at it’s finest, this is a must-do!

 Coral Bay Ecotours has the best facilities, equipment and team to make the most of a snorkelling experience on the Ningaloo Reef.

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