Clever Ways to Document Your Travels

Travelling the world means that you tend to collect a lot of souvenirs (and memories) along the way, but when you get home, that suitcase full of ornaments is sometimes a little overwhelming. Today, I wanted to share some really unique ways organising and documenting your travels.

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It may sound obvious as you are currently reading a travel blog, but a lot of people avoid starting one because it is ‘too hard’. You don’t have to be an expert and you don’t even have to share it with anyone. The internet is full of great ways to document your brain rambles in short form and trust me- you won’t regret it when somebody asks you what you did in Brazil 5 years ago- you can link them to your blog about it!

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Sending Postcards to Yourself

inwestowanie w opcje binarne forum One of my friends I met abroad was doing this and I thought it was the coolest idea ever. Everywhere he went he would write himself a postcard about what happened that day, save about 10 of them, then post them off home. When he got back, he had over 50 postcards (one per day) and bound them into a book! Photos + stories= Genius!

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Travel Stub Album

source I recently saw these for sale online and instantly thought ‘I need this’. If you are one of those people, like me, who loves keeping the tickets, boarding passes and vouchers while you’re on holiday, you can store them in here safely, plus write a little memo. It is like a photo album for your movements!

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Scratch Map Wall Art

allegra costa cruise ship These are fast becoming incredibly popular and you can find them in a lot of funky gift stores. Such a great way to document where you have been by simply scratching the country off the map!

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cheapest premarin Old school is coming back, and now you can print your Instagram pictures into Polaroids, write a description and get them sent to your door! A really cool decorative way to display your travel pics at home, in an album or at work. My favourite online store is LALALAB and you will get $5 free for using my code: PGX4Z0Z8 – You’re welcome!


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