Christiania: A Free Town

Free love, free life. Be who you want to be. These are the values of Christiania. Located in the heart of Copenhagen, you will be overwhelmed with the impact this sovereign state has had on the Denmark capitol.

After being declared a free state, separate from the laws and taxes binding Denmark in 1971, it has since been through a mountain of political turmoil and the existence of it’s unique ‘Christiania Law’.

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What will you find here?

Aside from the not-so-legal trade of Marijuana and other drugs, Christiania is an incredibly down to earth and eco-friendly zone. The area prides itself on having ‘green zones’ that are technology free and enhance human interaction. The use of phones, camera’s and video equipment is forbidden (don’t worry-all my images are outside this zone!), as you walk through the maze of army-print covered “hidden” dealer havens, you will realise that this is a very, very weird and wonderful place.

The residence believe they have no relationship with the EU in regards to laws and taxes, so you will be able to find all the drugs you want here, although still illegal to trade- the rules cannot be inforced from external police forces, only ‘internal’ which do not exist- sneaky right? This does not mean that you won’t get yourself in hot water- if you step foot outside the premises and get caught with illicit drugs- you will be fined and possibly jailed- so use caution !!!

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Aside from this, Christiania has a very peaceful, beautiful vibe. The art scene here is huge and on weekends you will see cute little pop up vendors selling everything from jewellery to custom T-shirts.

Do not be scared of Christiania, it is a really special place and something that should not be missed in Copenhagen. The town is very small and you will not be harmed or bothered (unless you are snapping a zillion pics- so don’t be an idiot and respect the rules.) There are a number of photo opportunities (i.e.- my pics) that you can get as well and they are tolerant of this as it is technically the outskirts of their village- and away from the drug dealers!


Side note: Do make sure you don’t buy hash brownies or cakes by mistake- just ask- they are very open people!


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