Chilly In Chile!

Chile is known as the land of extremes- from wide desserts to icy lakes, beautiful beaches and fields of flowers- It really has it all in one place. I headed off to Chile to try my hand at skiing the slopes of El Colorado, a short trip from Santiago city. Staying in a wonderful little B&B called Chalet Valluga, with outdoor hot tub and the nicest hosts you will ever meet, Chile was no let down.

The tiny township of Farellones feels like a secret ski resort hidden from the city centre. Cute wooden bars, quaint shops and children building snowmen surround you- plus it takes 2 minutes to walk from one side of the town to the other!!

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El Colorado is an intermediate to experienced slope in the Andes’  with sister slopes Valle Navado and La Parva close by. This was my first skiing experience and it was anything but glamorous.. I probably should have opted for a beginner slope but why not live dangerously?

Brendan (my boyfriend) is a semi-pro snowboarder, with all the tricks of the trade- so I decided to let him ‘teach’ me. Instead we ended up yelling at each other and I almost dislocated my knee.. so I headed down to the café to have a drink and de-stress.  After suffering altitude sickness, (fainting at the café and almost throwing up… very attractive!) I made my way to the instructors office to meet Christina- an awesome German who was living at the slopes over her summer. She convinced me to try it again and off I went up the chair lift with this gorgeous blonde. After ten minutes of falling and twisting my legs in ways I had never imagined- I managed to finally master standing and moving slowly without falling! Success! Another twenty minutes passed and I was heading down the slope screaming and laughing at how fast I was going.


After my session with Christina, I headed back down the hill to meet Brendan who had been doing flips and skids all around the mountain (show off). We grabbed lunch and I decided my career as skier would probably end there. Next stop was the tubes at Farellones.

I just remember thinking-‘Now this is my style!’. Huge rubber doughnuts plunging down a snowy ramp into a net? YES!

I don’t think I have ever had that much fun. Tubing is a must-do experience when in the snow- you won’t regret the fifty odd dollars it costs for a two hour free for all!

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