Chasing Your Dreams: 5 Tips From a Go-Getter

My life has taken many twists and turns in recent years. If you had asked me two years ago if I was happy, I would have said yes- but that was before this blog, before the Instagram phenomenon and before I stopped saying NO to everything in my life.

Being a go-getter and chasing your dreams doesn’t just mean you say yes to everything, it means you pursue your goals with 100% dedication.

Every week I have a friend or family member from home telling me how ‘lucky’ I am, or how they ‘wish they were me’. Well pals, stop wishing and start doing! These life lessons are something I tell myself weekly, if not daily, and have helped me build my career and achieve my life goals by the ripe old age of 23.

Chasing Your Dreams

#1 Educate Yourself

Now this does not mean you need a university degree to be successful, it just means you need to know the industry you want to be involved in. For me, this is the tourism and online marketing industry. I have read hundreds, if not thousands of journal articles, newspapers, blogs, books, tweets and speeches about this industry, all in the name of research. You need to know more than just ‘HOW GREAT TRAVEL IS’ to be an influencer, and a hell of a lot more to be successful at it.

This goes for everything in life. If you strive to be the best god damn doctor the Earth has ever seen, then your masters degree won’t cut it. You need to be attending conferences, watching inspiring TED talks, emailing the ‘Head of Departments’ for a coffee date- every.single.week.

If you want something, you need to work for it.

#2 Connections Are Key

Every workplace has that clique of people who just know what is going on, all the time. You need to be in that clique. Having industry connections (ie. good PR skills) is one of the most vital things in life. If you can’t sell yourself and your business to the world, then who will?

You need to be a role model and by connecting with like minded individuals who can share their success stories, you will grow faster than you can imagine. It is also a great way to discover new avenues to pursue. I love LinkedIn for B2B and industry chatter, it has been a valuable form of self-promotion.


#3 Roll With The Punches

You will get beaten up- not physically (I hope)- but mentally, many times. People tend to hate on people who are becoming successful, and like to try and call them out, especially online.

Brush it off and don’t retaliate like a 12 year old. If your in this for the long run, a professional and well thought out response can do a world of good. Try and turn a frown upside down and bring everything into a positive light. If not- block their ass!


#4 Listen To Your Loved Ones

The people closest to you can be the most valuable source of information. The amount of times I have asked my room mates ‘is this picture Instagram worthy’ is actually sickening. The thing is, they are always right. They are my market- young, adventurous travellers, and by listening to what they like and want to see in my feed, I have grown.
Don’t be afraid to annoy your friends and family for opinions, that is what they are there for!

#5 Be a Yes Person

The world of blogging, or even marketing in this case, is not easy to plan. Saying yes to a trip 9 months away can be a difficult decision, as you have no idea what financial, emotional or physical state you will be in by then. BUT that is the funnest part. Start saying yes to every small opportunity and soon enough, larger ones will come. My first ever sponsored post was a $10 mens hat. Yep, for a female travel blog? But I said yes, and now I am laying by a pool in Mexico sipping on free mojitos. Just say yes, you’re still young- think later.


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