Can’t Dutch This!

  The Netherlands, a vast land full of beauty that simple cannot be missed. Holland, the most famous region- known for the Windmills, Canals, Cheese and of course… Amsterdam. The Dutch culture radiates happiness, from the music to the architecture to the smiling bubbly people. Holland is a place of serenity and you are welcomed with warm arms (and a lot of hugs!)

My adventures to The Netherlands always seem to be short- with a total of three visits and another next year,  still am yet to see it all! The Hague, the government quarter and Capitol of South Holland is a marvel of its own. Palaces, Supreme Courts, luscious gardens and pretty little beaches- this has to be my favourite Dutch city. I am lucky enough to have my amazing Aunty and Uncle living in The Hague (Den Haag to the Dutch) and my visits are always started with a little tour of their local neighbourhood. Little Deli’s and Cafes can be found on most corners to buy fresh bread, cheese and milk- and I mean REALLY fresh- so don’t miss the opportunity to eat to your hearts content and carb load of these goodies- try smoked Dutch cheese… I could eat a whole block.

Fun fact for those criminal conspiracy and history buffs- The Hague is home to EUROPOL headquarters, one of the most secure buildings in the world. Europol deals with all European criminal intelligence and solves the biggest crimes in the world. They know more about you then you do! This is due to there being over 150 agencies for countries all over the world in The Hague- so if your ever stuck in Europe or need BIG help- try and make it here… you will be able to find your embassy!

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  1. Walk through the Kings Supreme Court and marvel in international history
  2. Take a stroll down to the Peace Palace.. it is simply B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L
  3. If its hot- grab a towel and go to the Scheveningen Beach. Usually full of (ridiculously good-looking) Dutch people and a great vibe!
  4. Go to the markets- one of the biggest in all of Europe!
  5. Madurodam Miniature Park- literally a miniature village of Holland!! So cute and GREAT pics!
  6. If you haven’t already seen it.. take a day trip to Brussels (watch the traffic !!!)

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Next stop… Amsterdam!

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