How I Budget and Save for Travel

Many people ask me how I can afford these great holidays.. well to be honest- I work my ass off! I am however, really good at saving and budgeting. I think my business background and stinge-o-meter comes from my Father, who has run many businesses in his years. So this is how I would work out my basic budget based on a 10 day holiday to Phuket.

1. I get my airfare, hotel and transit (hotel pick up/drop off) prices together

$600 Flights, $400 Hotel, $55 transits

= $1055

2. Visa costs established (might need to get prior- check with embassy!)


3. I look into any day trips I might want to book or do while away- I usually book these in advance so I have a confirmation printed out

$240 for a day trip to Phi Phi Island, $65 Zoo Tour


4. I set aside food costs

$20 a day for lunch/dinner- breaky is included in hotel?

$20 x 10 days


5. I figure out what the local prices are for basic goods and souvenirs (trip advisors, travel books and blogs!) and I set aside Taxi/Bus expenses

Taxi/Buses= $5 a ride- two a day

= $100

6. I think about how much I want to buy while I am away- Is it for a shopping trip? Is it a relaxing-by-the-pool time?

Party Holiday- cocktails daily etc= $50 a day

Shopping= $1000 worth of stuff


7. I calculate this all up…..

= $ 3720

8. I then work how many weeks of wages I have and my other expenses- add on how much savings you have- this should give you a weekly savings target!!!

= $3720 – current savings (say $1000) / 8 weeks = $340 per week!

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  1. Setting up a weekly savings target is a great idea! My sister and I are planning our year-long working holiday trip to Australia next year and need to save up a LOT before, since you need to show evidence of $5000 on your account and we also don’t want to work the entire time.

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