Bucket List

bucket list

Quit my job and move across the globe

 Swim with dolphins, Australia

Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower, Paris

Have a cocktail in Croatia

Experience Rio’s party scene, Brazil

Sail for a week in the Med

Sip Turkish Coffee in a bazaar 

Cruise through the Galapagos

Swim in an underground lagoon, Cancun, Mexico

Voyage to Antarctica

Drink a German beer at Oktoberfest, Munich

Ride a camel in Morocco

Meet and hold a sloth in Costa Rica

Gamble in Vegas, USA

Sleep on the deck of a yacht under the stars

Explore the Egyptian Pyramids

Swim with reef turtles and sharks

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge, USA

Have a Turkish Bath in Fethiye

Tan in Hawaii

Listen to Blues in New Orleans, USA

Take a ride on the London Underground

Listen to Bob Marley in Jamaica

Shower under a waterfall

Sleep on a secret island

See the Northern Lights

Take a llama selfie in Machu Picchu

Stay in a 5* suite, with an incredible view

Walk the Great Wall of China

Do an art tour of Berlin, Germany

Take a cultural cooking class

Take a hike up to the Hollywood Sign, USA

Eat sushi in Japan

See the windmills in Holland

See a Favela and the local way of life, Brazil

Hike the Grand Canyon, USA

Experience the beauty of Santorini, Greece

Cruise Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Eat nachos in Mexico

Pose with the leaning tower, Pisa

Take an international job before I am 30!

Hot air balloon in Turkey

Meet a squirrel in Central Park, NYC

Eat a real Indian curry in Dehli

Ski in Chile

Tango in Argentina

Road trip the USA

Party in Ibiza

Visit the “Tiger’s Nest” Monastery in Bhutan

Swim in the Caribbean

See Iguazu Falls from helicopter

Drink a pint in Dublin, Ireland

See the castles in Romania

Play hide and seek in IKEA, Sweden

Soak in the hot springs, Norway

Go to Disneyland

Sleep in Kruger Park, Africa

Visit Hobbiton, New Zealand

Go on a Contiki Tour

Have a hash brownie in Amsterdam

Hike in Nepal

Learn another language (Attempted and failed)

Get surgery in Thailand!

Drink vodka in Poland

Shop in Singapore

Surf at Bondi, Australia

Do a wine tasting in Bordeaux 

Eat ice cream in Florence, Italy

Go on a segway tour

Rent a villa in Bora Bora or the Maldives

Eat chocolate in Belgium

Pretend to be rich in Monaco

See the landscape of the Dubai Dessert

Kayak through Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

See all of the ‘Big 5’ in Africa

Climb Table Mountain, Cape Town

Skinny dip after dark 

Spend NYE somewhere exceptional

Have a proper white Christmas

Island hop around Greece

Party till the sun comes up on a secluded beach 

Paddle board in crystal clear waters

Go dog-sledding in Finland

Seek out a waterfall in the Philippines

Cruise down the Nile River

Dance with the locals in Cuba

Swim with whale sharks

Go on a silent retreat somewhere beautiful

Learn how to deep sea dive

Take a yoga lesson at sunset in Asia

Volunteer at a wildlife centre