Bonjour to the City of LOVE

Paris, France. Women swoon at the name, fashion prevails and there is never a lack of wine.. this is my kind of city. Paris can warm the coldest of hearts; with music playing through the cobblestone streets, love in the air,  and the smell of fresh croissants wafting down every alleyway.

As you can probably tell… I love Paris. I have been lucky enough to have visited this beautiful city a number of times, as it is a common stopover for Australia-Europe flights.

Every traveller in the world will have this city on their bucket list-it brings a sense of curiosity to even the most cultured. To climb the Eiffel tower, walk the streets of Montmartre and experience the culinary excellence. All I can say is that you have to see it for yourself to really understand the beauty. Paris does however, have a certain ‘code’ that must be followed, if you do- you will enjoy every second. If you don’t- you may find yourself loathing the French way.

ONE: The French have all the time in the world.

Don’t expect a fast paced lifestyle, the French are renowned for taking their time with (assumably to perfect) everything they do. This includes restaurants, cafes, checking in and of course… the airports. Sorry folks- you cant be angry- they are just being talkative! With this comes customary arrival ‘bonjour’ and ‘au revoir’ when you leave any store!

P1000325   P1010217   P1000332

TWO: English is NOT their first language.

French is- obviously. So don’t be rude, learn the basics! The more you try, the more they appreciate it.. nobody likes a rude tourist that demands to speak their language!

 photo 2    photo 3

THREE: Montmartre must not be missed.

I honestly prefer Montmartre than the city center itself. The views of the whole city, the bohemian vibe and the smiles on every single persons face!

paris (6)  photo 1   photo 4

FOUR: Fashion is everything.

Sorry Aussies, no flip flops and board shorts here! Respect the norm and dress casual, comfortable and stylish. Here’s a big hint… jeans (or shorts in summer) and a basic Tee are always in! If all else fails- Black is your best friend!


FIVE: Take it from Audrey, “Paris is ALWAYS a good idea”

When in doubt of what to do- just walk… or even better.. Segway! Take a walking tour or an exciting Segway tour of the city, you will be surprised of the history, beauty and architecture you will see!

P1010239        photo

SIX: Don’t Trust a Taxi Driver

Unless you have fluent French, they know your a tourist- and will take you in circles for HOURS, so make sure you have a hotel business card or navigation on your phone, or even try and negotiate first 50 euros for an hour trip that should have taken 5 minutes is NOT okay.

SEVEN: Shopping hours are not normal!

Don’t expect the local butcher to be open after 1pm… the Parisian lifestyle is not like any other, they start late and finish early… ahhh the Paris lifestyle!

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