Bali Wanderlust- A Tropical Paradise

Bali has always been an iconic getaway. With its wide beaches, clear skies and deep jungles. Just as it seems in ‘Eat Pray Love’, Indonesia has a sense of purity, calm and elegance to it.

This is my ode to Bali- a little slice of paradise in a world obsessed with architecture and modern technology- Bali is raw and beautiful.

 photo 3 photo 3

photo 2 photo 2

Seminyak Beach ^

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Ubud ^                                                 Kuta^

photo 1 photo 2

Seminyak Shopping District, Sea Circus Restaurant ^

ubud-traditional-building-1024x768 photo 5

                    Ubud^                                                 Bali Zoo^

photo 1 photo 3

IZE Seminyak ^                               Seminyak Square^

photo 5 photo 4

Potato Head Seminyak ^                           Seminyak Square ^

If you are looking to travel to the island paradise of Bali, you should read my Bali Bucketlist or Diners Guide to Seminyak.

If you are looking for affordable accommodation in a central location, the IZE Resort Seminyak is a great start.

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