Bali Bucketlist

Bali, Indonesia’s tourism hotspot. Renowned for the shopping, culture and of course- being a beach paradise!

So what should you do when you’re in Bali? Here is a few bucket list items that will ensure you make the most of every second in beautiful Bali.

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1. Stay somewhere amazing

You really are spoilt for choice! Anything over 4* will bring a smile to your face. Go for something a little unique, hip and personalized, such as the IZE resort or a private villa!  You can find something cheaper then anywhere in the world, with either an earthy, architecturally brilliant or even homey feel in Bali, so get searching!

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2. Eat and drink to your hearts content.

First stop, Seminyak. Hit up the beach strips and find all the funky little places,

See more here in my Bali Belly Diners Guide. My favourite night out- Potato head and La Plancha!

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3. Bali Zoo

I love this Zoo as it doesnt support animal cruelty! The keepers are amazing, the animals are actually HAPPY and there is a heap to do. Don’t wuss out and opt out of animal feeding/holding.  Worth Every penny!!!!

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4. Ride and feed Elephant.

There are a few options for where you can try this, but I would recommend Bali Zoo, it isn’t cruel and the Elephants are so friendly!

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5. Visit the Gilli Islands

Snorkeling, tanning and relaxation- Heaven!

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6. Go hiking in Ubud

Most Bali tourists will say they prefer Ubud to the busy beach districts. Why? Health, wellness and nature. It is beautiful, earthy and you can walk for miles feeling so fresh. Opt for a self guided walk, then make your way to a retreat for some well deserved massages and pampering, Bali style!


7. Indulge in the culture.

Bali has a strong cultural background. Religion is huge here and as a tourist you should respect that. Why not look into festivals that are on while you are there? Bali has so many great festivals each month that you can really see how they live, eat and work. You might learn some valuable life lessons! Yoga in Ubud is also a wonderful meditation to try!


8. Try your hand at bartering

The exhange rates are ridiculous and you can get some great items at next to nothing, See some great tips here!!

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