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Creating a blog was a long awaited goal of mine as a renowned oversharer. I was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia, with two siblings and a pretty comfortable life. My parents, Big Tom (Irishman) and Christina (Aussie-Estonian), where both overworked and underpaid. I now look up to them and realise how lucky I was to have parents who treasured the idea of allowing their kids to travel the world and experience everything the globe has to offer.

By the age of 4, I had visiting three countries and after some family drama, we moved to Ireland to be closer to my fathers side of the family. Not that I have much memory of this but I am sure it shaped me to be the crazy, party animal I became in my late teens. We lived in Dublin for over a year, but luckily my parents realised that Australia is a land of magic and money, so we set sail back to our homeland. Growing up in Oz was just as you would expect. Hot, sweaty and a lot of beach visits. I was lucky enough to see most of Asia and Australia by the time I was 16.

Looking back, I now know that my travels as a child shaped me to become who I am today- and I can’t thank my adventurous parents enough. They taught me how to respect cultures, save money and work hard to get what I want. By 18 I was living out of home and my crazy parents up and left to France to live out their dream of owning a French BnB.. I decided I wanted to get out of Perth while I had the time, money and lack of commitment.. So off I went.

Europe was always my true love. Dublin had been a part of my heritage, so I moved back there and settled into the Irish life. I lived in a cute little apartment in Dublin city, worked at bars and watched as my savings dissolved through the recession. With much advice and admiration from my amazing family, I was accepted to study Tourism and Hospitality back in  Perth. With a dollar to my name (well actually negative $1000 dollars- owed to my mother) I arrived back in Perth, January 25th, 2013. Since then I have not been able to keep still. Asia, Brazil, Australia, Europe all followed as I worked and studied full time to fuel my addiction. I work my butt off until I get enough dough, then empty my account and start again.

In 2015, I bought a one way ticket with my ex-boyfriend (yes, we were not technically together!) and left for Europe once again. After 2 and a half months of intensive travel, I picked up part-time work in Germany and settled in for the winter. It was a horribly tough experience, speaking little to no German and having no funds to support me, so it was then when I decided to move again, but this time in search of a more steady routine. It is now that I have landed myself a job in London as a Social Media and Marketing Executive, working and travelling year round, that I have found my happiness.

Global Roaming is my passion and with this blog, I hope to share my stories, wisdom and images of a life well lived.


-Rachel Pedreschi

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  1. IN LOVE WITH YOUR BLOG I am 13 and all I wanna do as i grow up is travel and learn and explore the world I live in. You inspire so much! Please never stop blogging <3

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