Arrests and Airport Delays- Iguazu’s Most Wanted

My boyfriend is an idiot. I love him, but he’s an idiot. South America is renowned for the favelas, fights, guns and drugs. Little did I know, heading off on my journey- my boyfriend would get caught up in this.

During our travels through Argentina, we purchased a number of souvenirs, including one tiny metal toy gun. Don’t ask me why, don’t ask me how… but this 10cm antique little gun caused more problems then any 50 year old toy should. Laying in Brendan’s check in luggage, this toy sat idle… waiting for it’s moment to shine.

After our visit to the Iguazu Falls, we headed back to Puerto Iguazu Airport assuming we would shortly be in Rio airport. We checked in, gained our boarding passes, gave in our luggage and moved into the waiting area, none the wiser.

After an hour of waiting… we started to think that the plane must be delayed due to the foggy weather or something might be wrong, but continued chatting away and gaining some much needed sleep. Ten minutes later we hear a fuzzy voice call over the speakers

“Mr. Robinson, Brendan… Please Come to the Check in Now”

We began to laugh, thinking he must have forgotten to show a visa or his seat was being changed. After half an hour passes and no return of my boyfriend, I start to stress. What could have happened? The English barrier was tough, nobody was giving us any information until a tour guide that spoke Spanish was able to retrieve enough information to say that the plane was delayed due to illegal substances. I freaked out. My boyfriend was going to be in jail, death row, gone for life! But wait… he didn’t have drugs? I packed his bloody bag!!!

Next thing you know, Brendan comes over, smiling. We all jump to our feet and a million questions start flowing.

What the hell!!! “

“Where have you been”

“What happened!!”

He laughed, looked me into the eye and said-

“That stupid little toy gun caused all this drama. They thought I could have actually shot someone with the thing! They arrested me and said I had to explain”

This little toy, no bigger than a strawberry, caused this? TWO HOURS BECA– USE OF A $2 TOY!!!!

Immediately after this scenario they further announced that the plane was being delayed for another 2 hours due to the fog. We all relaxed, kicked up our feet and slept the stress away.

After finally boarding, I looked him in the eye, smiled and said “was it worth it?”. He just laughed.


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