An Impeccable Amsterdam Apartment: Keizersgracht Suite 471 Review

On my third visit to Amsterdam, I could not look past staying in the famous canal district in a modern apartment. The Keizersgracht Suite not only offers luxury, boutique accommodation, it boasts one of the best locations Amsterdam has to offer.


The Low-Down

The Keizersgracht Suite 471 is a newly renovated, deluxe apartment overlooking the canals of Amsterdam city. Privately owned, this suite is styled to absolute perfection. The apartment is roomy and luxurious, with two bedrooms, laundry (washer/dryer combo) and separate shower/toilet. The fully equipped kitchen means you can cook up a storm and for allergy effected freaks like me, this is exactly what you need!

The apartment is also only one minute walk from the town centre, 10 minute walk to the Red Light District and 10 minutes to the museums- perfect!


The Experience

After a short train ride from Berlin, I arrived at Amsterdam Centraal Station, a beautiful big building located on the border of the city centre. Just a 15 minute walk and I was at the Keizersgracht Suite- overlooking one of the cleanest, prettiest canals in all of Amsterdam.

Greeted by Pieter, the owner of the Suite, I was instantly welcomed with Dutch hospitality. Prosecco, toblerone and a few hours later, Pieter not only had filled me in on the stunning apartment and all amenities available, but also the best itinerary of Amsterdam possible. His kindness is exactly what you expect from the host of a personalised and funky townhouse like the Keizersgracht and you feel as though you have somebody you can trust, all just a phone call away.


The Rooms

The apartment has two quaint, comfortable rooms. The master room, overlooking a terrace below, is bright and airy, with wooden accents to ensure maximum relaxation. The second room, although rather small, is ideal for those who would rather chill out in the open and spacious living room before bedtime.

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The living area is where all the magic happens. The interior styling here is breathtaking. You cannot help yourself from reading and touching everything! The room gives off an intellectual, intensely comforting ambiance and you will not want to leave.

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Stay Here If:

You want a personalised, unique experience in Amsterdam in a small group (4 or less).

The Keizersgracht has kindly activated a promo code for all you Roamers!!!

Simply enter the promo code ‘Global roaming‘ when checking for availability at and you will get 10% discount on the prepaid/non-refundable rate! Winning!

Pricing starts at €319.50  per night (pre-paid/non-refundable price; weekdays) and peak at €395.00 per night (for standard price; weekends), with a minimum stay of two nights. Divide that by four= Bargain!


Global Roaming was accepted into the Suite as a guest, however all opinions and reviews are a true expression of my personal opinion.


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