A Day Trip to Ayutthaya from Bangkok

The former capital city of Thailand, Ayutthaya, and it’s UNESCO listed historical park is a monumental part of Thailand’s past and a must-see when in Bangkok. The enchanting temples, crumbling ruins and rich heritage make a day trip to Ayutthaya a perfect escape from the big city.

Ayutthaya was the second capitol of Thailand, located on the island where the Chao Phraya, Lopburi and Pa Sak rivers converge. The Kingdom was created in 1350 and was home to some of the finest Thai diplomats and commercial history in the country, but was eventually destroyed by the Burmese army in 1767. The city never regained its strength as a cosmopolitan and now stands as an extensive archaeological site with the ruins of temples, shrines, buddahs and former city walls.

For those looking to do a day trip to Ayutthaya from Bangkok, I recommend trying My Thailand Tours ‘ Ayutthaya with Cruise’, which will take you to all the below sights, along with a relaxing cruise down the Chao Phaya River on return.

Departing bright and early, you will drive north towards your first stop, The Summer Palace, ‘’Bang Pa-In’. The large grounds are immaculate and host a number of lakes and monuments. The finest of these, the Wehart Chamrunt (Heavenly Light), which is a Chinese-style royal palace and throne room used by the kings for generations and an incredibly intricate architectural masterpiece. If you don’t feel like walking, you can rent a golf buggy for 400 tbh and take a spin around the grounds for a bit of extra fun.

Your next stop should be the incredible ruins of Wat Mahatat and the mystical ‘Body Tree Buddah’. Over 600 years old, the site looks somewhat like Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, with its auburn brickwork and pointed shrines. The site was burned down in 1767, but further destroyed in the recent 2011 floods. The site is UNESCO protected,  for good reason, as it is breathtakingly beautiful. The stories of the many Buddhas with their missing heads were told to us, as thieves looted the relics in the early 1900’s.

Be sure to visit the incredible fig tree that entangles a mighty Buddah head. It really does look like something out of a fairy-tale, but be sure to only crouch or kneel before it, standing over the head is a sign of disrespect.

Next up you will visit two shrines, one with a golden ‘sitting Buddah’ – Wat Na Phra Meru – and the ‘reclining Buddah’ – Wat Lokayasuthara. Be sure to visit the small temple on the right of the Wat Na Phra Meru and be blessed by the resident monk.

For those who would rather see Bangkok from a different angle, I would suggest getting the cruise back to the city with My Thailand Tours as you get a delicious buffet meal and can sip on a cocktail while you wind down after a long day of exploring.

Booking tours to Ayutthaya are simple (and very cheap!) through My Thailand Tours. They can take care of all your day-trips in the city.

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