8 Apps to Help You Travel With Ease

Technology has changed the way we travel.

Our smartphones or tablets are locked to our hands and we might as well use them to their fullest potential!

Here I share with you some of my favourite Apps that will help you travel the world with ease!


1. Gate Guru

Find your way around all the airports, their facilities and find the best sleeping spots- Heaven for long stopovers!

2. Booking.com

My favourite accommodation booking site, easy to use and most are free cancellation- so you can book tentatively and change your plans without it costing you !! Just make sure you read the terms and conditions 🙂

3. Pinterest

Need travel inspo? Hit up Pinterest- type in any name of a destination, add ‘to do’ and BAM hundreds of inspiring photos and blogs at your fingertips

4. Rail Planner (Europe Only)

Eurail is the best way to travel Europe, so finding timetables, routes and stops is made so much easier with this Eurail/Interail App. I highly suggest taking the trains, they are so comfy and beautiful- plus you will see a whole other aspect of the Europe countryside!

5. Google Earth/Maps

Ahhh google. What would we do without you?! Even offline you can find where you are and get out of many sticky situations! Find your way around those winding Parisian streets with ease or map a cool pathway to explore!

6. Currency Converter Plus

Quick, easy and can save you big bucks in the bartering game. Transfers any currency across in seconds

7. National Parks- National Geographic

Listing the worlds national parks, hike trails and things to explore. Beauty at your fingertips


8. Fodors City Guides

Fast facts and fun things to do in all the world’s capitols. You can never say you don’t know where to go or what to do!

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  1. In case you tend to get lost in any place,
    Check Oruxmaps! It’s an amazing GPS app that totally works offline, once you’ve loaded the maps you need. You can also import terrain shots and thus easily navigate anywhere on the world. No matter of on foot or motorized!


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