6 Ways to Make Friends in a New City

Okay, so you have taken the leap and moved abroad. Now what? You need friend’s right!? After living in multiple cities across the globe, going to three high schools and finding my way in the world, I must say I have learnt a heck of a lot about socializing. It can be very scary and it is usually something you don’t think about until you feel very alone (which can ruin your impressions of the new city). Take a look at the following ways in which I have managed to secure some life-long friendships while travelling:



Bar Work

I am a huge fan of bar jobs abroad. Working in pubs and clubs have many advantages and making new friends is one of them. Not only is it a perfect way to start out in a country financially, it also offers you a smorgasbord of conversations in a safe environment!


Another great way to meet young, exciting people. Try and stop yourself from over indulging so you can get home safely if it doesn’t all go to plan, but pub crawls tend to attract very social people. Add a couple of drinks and you are bound to meet a few fellow adventurers.


Get a job- meet new people. Simple! Just don’t forget, you are the new person, so actively approach the team and make an effort to get into the group, invite people out for lunch, or out for an afternoon drink.


Social groups (forums)

These can be found in almost every city. Internations is a great forum for expats across the globe. Most cities have a group and you can actively seek out people who want to meet new people!

Facebook groups

Similar to the online forums, but a little bit more fun if you ask me. You can get a look at peoples real profiles, share the events you like and direct message for a meetup with someone you think sounds fun. Go ahead and make the post for a hangout- what have you got to lose?

Group travel

Why not try a day trip in your local city. Speak to the driver about cool places you can go, even if most of the people on the tour are not local, it is a great way to get your bearings and see your city for what it is! I always like chatting with the drivers and guides- they are in the industry for a reason and usually have the best recommendations!

Montenegro (30)

Group tours to try:

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First and foremost: Do NOT be afraid- that is the key. You need to be social- you need to seek out friendships. People will NOT just come to you (most of the time!)

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  1. http://www.Meetup.com has been my go to place to find groups of people with the same interests. Some of my best friends in Paris I’ve met through an English speaking book club. Not being afraid is KEY! Even as an introvery, you just have to put yourself out there.

  2. One thing I always find is weirdly useful is going out to bars on your own! I used to do this quite a lot and I found that people were always super friendly and more likely to include you in their plans!

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