6 Types of Travellers You May Meet

Humans are a weird breed. We all seem to fall into different mindsets. I have therefore named six of the classic tourists you will meet during your travels!


The Foodie

The gastronomical fan, who seems to be constantly searching for the best grub. The foodie will tend to be constantly online, reading guides or reviews to try and find the best food. Oh and of course- taking a million photos of everything they eat!

How to spot them: Look for a pocket guide, earthy style clothes, loose hair and their walking shoes at the ready.


The Photographer

These guys are awesome when you want a great snap, framed perfectly- but the one thing to remember is life isn’t better through a camera! The Photographer will always carry too many power adapters, cords and a million SD Cards, but don’t expect to have a night out on the town unsnapped!

How to spot them: Usually the kid with the hugely over sized camera, backpack/camera bag and hair pulled back tight.


The Party Animal

These guys are great when you need to blow off some steam. They are always up for a late night, morning cocktail and late night skinny dip! The Party Animals aren’t always the 20 somethings, you may be surprised who is ready to go crazy!

How to spot them: Look for the person in last nights clothes, messy hair and usually a few cuts and bruises!


The Travel-Guide Nerd

Everywhere you go, you will find one of these folks! The biggest guide books you will ever see, pages highlighted, GPS in hand and a desire to tell you all the best places to see- whether you want to know them or not!

How to spot them: Typically located at coffee shops or free WiFi areas, notebook, travel journal and guides in hand. Always wearing the perfect travel attire for any travel situation, including a bumbag and hiking boots!


The Lone Ranger

These people are always great to associate with. The Lone Ranger is out to discover the world, themselves and meet new people. Lone Rangers tend to have a deep past, escaping something to discover the beauty of our world. You can learn a lot from people like this, hear great stories and of course, make a life long friend.

How to spot them: Typically relaxed and casual looking, shorts and tank tops, backpack and scuffed shoes. The Lone Ranger will usually walk around with a smile, open to meeting new people.


The Couple

The typical love story. You will see this everywhere! Two love birds, hand in hand, taking selfies and kissing under landmarks.

How to spot them:
Probably the easiest to find, the two smooching !


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  1. Great post and fun to read! I love the truth behind those six stereotypes of travellers! You should open one more slot for the extreme collectors. I’ve met a collector of UNESCO world heritage sites just recently. Others do collect stuff like country points and (semi-) autonomous territories.

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