6 Bavarian Delicacies You Must Try in Germany!

1. Pork Knuckle (Schweinshaxe)

The famous Oktoberfest dish that has you licking your lips for days, the dish called schweinshaxe is a roasted pork knuckle usually served with a light gravy and potato dumplings, it is one of the most tender and epic meals you can experience in Bavaria!
Oktoberfest Food

2. Brez’l (Pretzel)

Ahhh the land of beer and pretzels. Usually called a Brez’l in Germany, the extra-large soft pretzels are the perfect stomach lining before (or after) a big drinking session. Salty, bready goodness!
 20150926_134918 20150926_170449

3. Currywurst

Most typical in Berlin as a fast food item, Currywurst is wurst (sausage) usually in bite sized pieces, topped with a curry sauce and powder, slightly spicy but very addictive! While your at it, make sure you try all the different German sausages (served like a hot dog)- especially the 15 inch Bratwurst, a Frankfurter or a Knockwurst. I would avoid the Blutwurst (blood sausage), unless you are feeling adventurous and want to try weird local delicacies!
 currywurst_content 20150924_215534

4. Schnitzel

Everybody knows about the yummy “national specialty” Schnitzel! You will have NO trouble finding these in almost every restaurant in Germany, but for a good schnitzel, opt to eat in an authentic German Brewery or restaurant, price plays a huge factor in quality!

5. Brathend’l- Roast Chicken

Another Oktoberfest special, this melt in your mouth roast chicken dish will leave you licking the bones dry.

6. Lebkuchen

Gingerbread love hearts? Um, yes please!!! These beautiful national icons are usually found during festivities, including Christmas and Carnival. They are also found in many folk tales, including Hansel and Gretel, where a Lebkuchen house has become famous- then called Hexenhäus’l, meaning witch house!


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  1. Ahhhh you just made me miss German food like crazy! I’m German and live in Guatemala and my gosh, I get the worst cravings sometimes, although obviously German food isn’t what I eat all the time when I’m there. My favorite is Knoedel (to go with the Haxe, yum!). When I’m going home my first stop will be my Bavarian grandma’s for some FOOD 😀 Great list!

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