5 Ways to Improve Your Travel Photos

Photography doesn’t need to be difficult. With all of the new technology out there these days, you hardly have to do anything but press the capture button! Here are my top tips for getting the best out of any situation and enhancing your travel photo’s!


1. Get yourself a tripod

I picked up my cute little Joby Gorilla Pod for just $10 at an office wear store, so they aren’t expensive but are so great for framing and keeping your photos perfectly still. Gorilla Pods are great as they are bendable, so you can attach to tree branches, chairs, tables… anything!

2. Get a decent camera or smartphone.

My three go-to cameras are my trusty but rusty IPhone 5s, GoPro Hero3 and my Samsung NX 2000. These have huge Megapixel coverage, timers, multiple settings and of course- I can pop it onto a tripod for stability. Change it up and don’t always take wide angles or close ups, be unique and take advantage of the fact you can self timer these days!


3. Frame your shots

Framing is vital for professional looking images. Framing means choosing where the focus is in your shots, so make sure that you are watching your horizon line, making that nice and straight and keeping the target image in focus!

moore river (15)

4. Use shadows and silhouette’s to your advantage

I love a good silhouette shot. and they are not hard to do! IPhone and most touch-screen technology will have a touch-to-focus mode, where you can tap the area you want focused. for shots like this, tap on the sky behind the image and it will brighten the background whilst shadowing the foreground.

 DCIM100GOPRO  10349065_4636996979032_3449255975078951722_n

5. Be creative

There is nothing quite like a unique, captivating travel image. BE WEIRD, get on the ground, stand on a chair, hide behind trees, get some odd angles and you will be surprised how beautiful they turn out!

10392384_4637004059209_8745177355961200484_n   IMG_5663





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