5 Things You Need to Know About Train Travel in Europe.

The Eurail system is by far the BEST way to get around Europe, however it is crucial that you understand the unspoken rules and are aware of the system itself. For those who haven’t read up on how to use the system, you can see more here!

You must always pre-book (reserve) your seats.

Trains in most countries, especially France, must have a reservation. Seats are always allocated!

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Every Country has different rules regarding stamps/visas and checking the tickets.

Some trains will have a person come and physically check your passport, ticket and pass, some won’t. So always have them handy for quick access.


Don’t freak out when the ticket controller takes your passport and ticket with him- IT WILL BE RETURNED!

Some trains have registries required to be filled by local law enforcement so they are just doing their job and will have it back to you by the final half hour of the trip. No dramas!

The trains will ALWAYS leave on time. To the second.

Each time, every time. No delay, no waiting, and no stopping for the lady running banging on the doors- it will be going!


There is always another train.

If you miss your train or connection (which is very easy to do) there will always be another train to catch. Just head on over to the ticket counter and ask them to help you figure it out, they will be more than happy to. Plus if you have an unlimited pass- you won’t be paying any extra!

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For more information, check out the Eurail website > www.eurail.com

To see more from inside the Eurail trains, check out my Instagram and snapchat accounts: global.roaming


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  1. Not sure about the “always on time” bit… at least not in Italy… It’s extremely common that the trains are delayed and missing connections is always a big hustle as certain routes do not run often…

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