5 Things I Love About Solo Travel

 Thinking of five reasons I love solo travel is easy. There is a certain stipulation that solo travellers be strong, determined and social, but this doesn’t just come to all people, it is learnt. This personal growth is one of the reasons solo travel should be undertaken by everyone in their twenties to thirties, so here are five more!

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You can be whoever you want to be

Ever wanted to completely overhaul your personality because you don’t like the way people treat you (or the way you treat them)? Well here is your chance. Solo travel opens up the chance to become whoever you dreamed you could be. I was never reserved– I was always the loudest, craziest person in the room. After travelling solo, I learnt that sometimes I like the quiet, chilled me! My new friends describe me as ‘relaxed, chill and down to earth”, which too many of my old high school pals, will come as a complete shock. This doesn’t mean I am fake, no- I just had the opportunity to stop acting all the time and be the person I wanted to be and stop impressing other people.


You will learn faster than ever before

I recently wrote about the things you probably won’t be told about solo travel. This is one of them. You will learn SO quickly how to be an adult! You will have to set up accounts, budget like crazy, prepare meals day to day and seek out apartments. It is a little daunting but once you get these things sorted, you will have life skills that you can use forever!

It is completely up to you what you do each day

You probably THINK you do what you want, but do you really? Can you really stay in bed ALL DAY if you wanted? This is not a good thing sometimes. You can get VERY slack, very anti-social and very demotivated (all of which, I have been before) so make sure you have a plan, stay active and get your butt into action- your future is in YOUR hands.


The feeling of freedom

Oh how I love this feeling. It is my favourite part of being a solo traveller. After 3 years with my ex, I forgot how great it is to feel like you can make any choice without thinking of another. Not that you are being selfish, but it is nice to wake up and decide to fly to another country without permission!


Making friends via group tours

I love tours. I really, really do. I think I have made over ¼ of my forever-friends through group tours. I have met people from over 50 countries, I now have accommodation in most of them if I was to pop by and these people have given me many, many snippets of advice from cultures across the globe. Winning.

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8 Replies to “5 Things I Love About Solo Travel”

    1. I totally agree, I love love love Solo travel but being with somebody to share the experience is amazing too! I think every woman needs to do it solo at least once in their life !

  1. At the end of last year, I travelled solo for the first time and since then I’ve learnt it’s the best way to go. No more waiting around while your friends boot shopping – just do what you want to do!

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

  2. So true! My first solo trip was when I was 18. I went for two weeks to Nantucket Island (from Montreal). I had travelled a lot before, and even alone between departure points and destinations, but never spent any real time alone at an unfamiliar destination. My experience on Nantucket Island was a revelation. Since then, I did most of my travels alone, two or three with friends, a few with a male companion (ex boyfriend or two), and a few with my husband. In August 2016, I will celebrate 20 years of solo adventures, despite being happily married to a very understanding (and wise) man who knows what I need to feel truly like myself and happy: I need a good dose of solo travelling abroad every few months. Period. Non-negotiable. I’m very lucky to have such a life partner.

    Also, I found out that I’m way too annoying to travel with. The few friends I travelled with are not really my friends anymore. Haha. So it goes. I love my freedom and independence too much, and am very protective of that. Plus, I find that locals are more likely to open up to a solo female traveller than to a couple of travellers, and to me, travelling with others is a bit of a hindrance to discovering a new place. There. Thus I prefer to hang out with my friends where home is. Sounds harsh, perhaps, but in my experience, most of my travel stories worthy enough to be written down are those that happen to me when I went solo!

  3. I’ve travelled on my own before and the thing that really stuck out was I did SO MUCH MORE than when I was travelling with friends. When you’re with your friends it’s super easy to take a back seat and just ‘chill’ but when you’re on your own you just become truly determined to see everything you can! It was wonderful, and I’m determined to do a Rashina solo trip every year to treat myself to some ‘me’ time.

    Rashina xxx

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