5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Central France

Central France is rarely discussed in travel forums… people tend to jump straight to Paris or the Riviera… but I am here to tell you that this is a region must NOT be missed!! Why not do a French road trip on your next Europe visit? Its cheap, the roads are usually quiet and the sites are unforgettable.

Central France includes hundreds of tiny hamlets, quaint villages and ancient architecture that can only be described as dreamy. The region is made up of three subsections- The Limousin, Bourgogne and Centre- all about a two hour drive apart!

ONE: The fresh air and smell of baked treats surrounds you everywhere you go

It is a nice break from the metropolis cities, plus there is so many little cafes, wine bars and patisseries that will have the finest foods at the cheapest prices- I am talking 1 euro for a meal!

  DSC_2424   france 160

TWO: There is so many adventures off the beaten track

You can literally drive into the middle of nowhere, park the car and hike for hours, finding lakes, castles and wildlife… it’s a beautiful place.

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THREE: The French are friendlier!

The French are not always known as the warmest people, but I am here to tell you that the French of the Limousin and countryside towns are wonderful. It is rare for them to see foreigners so they are just eager to meet you and share stories- embrace every second of this world!

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FOUR: You can find cute little souvenirs in the weirdest places

Central France is renowned for it’s markets and antiques- yes it may sound boring but why not go on a little scavenger hunt in a tiny town for a great gift? You wont spend more than 20 euro and could find something worth a fortune!


FIVE: Ever seen ‘Chocolat’?

You never know which little French chocolate shop could have a sexy foreigner behind the counter willing to sweep you off your feet! The French are all about LOVE so why not find it for yourself? If all else fails, fall in love with France instead!

patio  P1000846

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2 Replies to “5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Central France”

  1. I would love to travel all over france. Pictures I have seen of the countryside are gorgeous.
    I will admit, when I traveled Europe a few years ago I was one of those people that jumped right to Paris and then moved on to the next spot I wanted to see. Now that I have been to Paris though I would love to go back and travel all over France.
    xx, Jodi

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