5 Life Lessons from the Italian’s

The Italians are warm, caring people- here are my favourite lessons we should learn from this great European culture!

1. Be proud of where you come from

Italians are renowned advocates of their own country, some of the proudest people in the world. So why not rep’ your own culture a little more? A bit of pride never hurt anybody! Take it a step further and learn how to cook local dishes, visit a history museum or take a walking tour of your city!

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2. Enjoy Your Food

We all know that Italian food is DELICIOUS- but is it healthy? Well yes! Everything can be enjoyed when you eat it in proportion. Don’t skimp on carbs (or flavour) for every meal- just be wary of your exercise and make sure that you aren’t eating enough to feed a small army.


Photo courtesy of my friends at Ashland Dispatch

3. Family First

Family is so important in life. The Italians have some of the closest family bonds I have ever seen- with generations sharing their experiences and knowledge with their kin. Don’t be afraid to spend a lay Sunday learning about Grandma’s life- you will be surprised what amazing things they have accomplished.


4. Mumma knows best –Respect Your Elders!

This is the core of the Italian way of life- respecting the older generations and appreciating that they know best. Think about how much you have learnt in the last ten years? Triple that. They have a lot of life experience that we can learn from- so don’t act like they have no clue… deep down they would truly know what is right and wrong!

5. That’s Amore

Love yourself. Love others. Love your life. Appreciating everything you have and everybody in your life. Travelling is a journey and all the people that come in and out of your travels are there for a reason- love every second of it!

cinque terre (35) image - Copy Florence_Cathedral_HDR_by_Napalm_Fire photo - Copy photo 1 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

2 Replies to “5 Life Lessons from the Italian’s”

  1. Love these pictures and love this advice.
    One thing I noticed when I visited Italy was everyone walked everywhere so eating a lot wasn’t a big idea, plus they really take the time and enjoy meals which does help to eat less and just enjoy your food.
    xx, Jodi

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