5 Most Interesting South-East Asian Countries

If you are heading to Asia, you simply must check out these 5 incredible destinations.

1. Thailand


Oh Thailand, how I love you. Thailand is by far my number one Asian country to travel. The people, the food, the beaches! Heaven. Every time I go (4 times and counting) I discover new magical hideaways. Thailand is fun, exciting and vibrant, the culture is alive and the Thai people are willing to share this with the world! I love that everything you do in Thailand is real, there is no ‘fake’ tourism- such as beer girls in Germany or cowboys in America- these people don’t exaggerate their culture, they are just living! On top of the culture, there is beauty. Phi Phi Islands, Kata beach, mountainous ranges and the city streets of Bangkok. I even smile as I write this!

2. Indonesia


Indonesia is an experience that will see you finding your inner hippie. Get back to our earthy roots and enjoy the nature, see the animals and get creative with the locals. Indonesia is beautiful in a unique way- it may not have perfectly clean streets or shiny buildings, but it has the reality that the world is not perfect- but you can always be happy! Indonesians are so lovely and embrace tourism more than any other country I have been too- so be prepared to make friends.

3. Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur and Penang are the two cities I speak of when I talk about Malaysia- both a distant but pleasant memory of a great family holiday. My memories of Malaysia always bring a smile to my face. Penang has stunning beaches with fresh coconuts and little stores, perfect for a relaxing holiday! KL on the other hand is a bustling city, night markets GALORE and rich with cultural activities and architecture- a must see Asian city!

4. Vietnam

IMG_2292  IMG_2297

Vietnamese culture is intense and almost fairy-tale like, with kings and queens murdering their brothers for the thrown, suicides and debauchery! When in Hanoi, head north to the original Capitol (near Tam Coc) and discover the ancient relics of past, but don’t forget the more recent history of the Vietnam War, mainly based in Ho Chi Minh (in the South). Delve into the countries history, while tasting the delicious street foods and shopping to your hearts content.

5. Singapore

Although not my top favourite- this tiny country is still an interesting visit. The city is the country- a rare find! so discover the luxurious Singapore lifestyle, shop the Robinson Quay and head over to Santosa Island for a unique day out.

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