5 DIY Summer Weekend Getaways

Ever wanted to go on a holiday but only had two days- and no funds? Well here are 5 ideas for mini-getaways to get you through a summer weekend without spending a fortune!


1. Road Trip & Camping

Road trips are one of my favourite ways of travelling… Loud music, good friends and the open highways. Google “Road trips near _*your city*_” to find some cool places where you can park, pop out a tent and breathe in the fresh air.

What to bring? Car, full tank of petrol, tent, warm clothes, sleeping bags, music, pillows, snacks/food, water container (at least 5L) and a lighter/matches for a campfire. Plus- don’t forget insect repellent and sunscreen!


2. House Swap

House swaps are becoming more popular each year, with shorter getaways popping up each week. Why not swap your house with a stranger and live like they would for a weekend.

What to bring? This is the best bit- you don’t need to bring anything but your clothes and some food- everything is there for you!

3. Secret Beach Hideaway

This is my favourite DIY escape. If you love near a coastline, why not seclude yourself and a friend for a weekend in a deserted part of the coast, even an inlet, cave or island? Think of how relaxing it will be! This isn’t for the faint hearted as you literally have to supply everything, carry it there and back and make sure you are VERY organised for the night- plus check the tides to ensure you won’t get flooded in your sleep!

What to bring? Tent or mattress, pillows, WARM blankets, clothes, food, water, sunscreen, repellent, garbage bags, lighting/stuff to make a fire, maps, GPS, portable charger (if possible), bathers, mosquito net (if in an area with bugs like Australia!) and toilet paper!!!


4. Hammock Forest Dwelling

I think we all want to be a hippie, so why not act like one for a night? Grab a hammock, warm blankets, clothes, camping gear and head into a local forest (where camping is permitted of course). Set yourself up for the night and fall asleep to the sounds of birdies and rustling trees.

What to bring? Hammock, clothes, warm blankies, snacks, camping gear, map, portable charger and lights. Mosquito nets are also nifty!

5. DIY Drive in Movie Nights Under The stars

I am a huge movie buff, so anything with a cinema is going to be a great night. Why not turn your garage or backyard into a mini drive in/beanbag cinema and watch movies under the stars!!!

What to bring? You will need power, a portable projector/DVD player/speakers (can hire these from Music and AV stores) and projector screen, LOTS of cushions, beanbags, candles, and of course… POPCORN!

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