5 Europe Highlights- Summer Edition

Europe is a magical, mystical wonderland of castles, mountains, forests and lakes. These are my Summer abroad highlights.

1. Cinque Terre, Italy.

cinque terre (35)  cinque terre (103)  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

‘Cinque Terre’ means five towns in Italian. You can find these five magical little towns standing cliffside on the Italian coast. Colour, music and breathtaking views.

2. Brussels, Belgium

brussels (37)  brussels (64)  brussels (22)

After a 10 hour traffic jam I already wanted to leave, until  stepped foot into Brussels Square or ‘Grote Markt’. The ancient walls surround you as you are transported back to the times of knights, kings and dragons.

3. Lucca, Italy

lucca (21)  lucca (15)  lucca (19)

A small town surrounded by dramatic stone walls, with tiny markets, restaurants and boutiques through cobbled streets. the ultimate day trip.

4. Montmartre, France

P1000378  DSCF3501  P1000381

The Eiffel tower is surrounded by tourists and hawkers, so make your way up the hill to the stunning art township of Montmartre. Take in the burlesque vibes of the Moulin Rouge, watch a street puppet show or witness some of the best busking you will ever see.

5. St Julian’s, Malta


Outside of the capital this little party destination can be found. Beachside living, crazy clubs and EXTREMELY cheap booze (I’m talking 13 euro for 13 shots…), St Julian’s is  must-do for party animals and 20-somethings.


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