24 hours in Rio De Janeiro

Ola’! The land of beach babes, bikini’s and Carnival! Rio De Janeiro is the second largest city in Brazil, this thriving metropolis has a million and one things to see and do- so what if you only had 24 hours!?

Here is my go-to-guide for the best way to see Rio, in 24 hours!

8.00am– Wake up and walk around your hotels’ local street, grab something from a café or restaurant that tickles your fancy. I suggest some fresh fruit juice and exotic pastries from a local bakery! Greet the locals with a BIG smile and take in the vast buildings and busy traffic.

9.00am– Get in a cab and head straight to the Lapa Steps (Escadaria Selaron). This stunning work of art was put together by Chilean-born artist Jorge Selarón, who not only lived on the staircase itself, but sadly died there in 2013. Jorge left this intricate work to the local community and said that it was a “tribute to the Brazilian people”. The stairs are made from thousands of tiles, sent from all over the world. Great way to spend an hour taking in the art and culture of the world we live in! Note: Just watch your bags- pick pocketers are common towards the top levels!

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OPTION: For the beach lovers- spend your morning on the famous Copacabana beach. Grab a cold beer, buy a bikini or just lay back and relax in the sunshine!

11.00am– Make your way up the Santa Teresa hillside by taxi or bus towards the famous Christ the Redeemer Statue. From here you will experience some of the best views in Brazil. The wait to enter the national park can be lengthy, so leave yourself at least 3 hours! Trust me.. the wait is worth it!!! Grab an ice-cream, find a gap in the crowd, and take in the views of the craziest city in the world.

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3.00pm– After making your way down the mountain, you will surely be starving! This is your chance to find a Brazilian BBQ! This typical restaurant will bust your belly, not your wallet! They are cheap, delicious and it is all you can eat! On entry, you are given a red and green card- face green upward and you will be flooded with various meats, chicken, fish- even hearts! Try it all, you won’t be disappointed- then just face red upward to stop the flow of waiters!

4.00pm– Sunset is the best time to head up the Sugarloaf Mountain cable cars! The cables run all day and into the evening- plus there is a much shorter line then the Redeemer! These cars take you to two different hilltops, both with unique views of Rio. Watch the sun set on an amazing day, let your BBQ settle in your stomach and appreciate the larger things in life!!!!!!

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7.00pm– Dinner and a Cocktail sounding nice? Head to Copacabana beach, find a restaurant with a view and kick off those shoes! Try a Caipirinha, a Brazilian cocktail made of limes, sugar and rum- they are amazing! After your meal, stroll down the promenade and head back to your hotel, or….

10.00pm– Feeling like swapping the sneakers for dance shoes? Brazilians are known for their crazy parties and dancing, so why not act like a local? Have a look at Bembrasilrio.com and see if a boat is running that night- this is the ULTIMATE way to party in Rio! We had the opportunity to enjoy the Rio Boat Club…Hop on board, drink to your hearts content and dance to some of the worlds best DJ’s!



2.00am– Make your way back to your hotel, have a shower and a short sleep.. Rio in 24 hours means no stopping!

5.00am– Get your butt down to the beach, either Ipanema or Copacabana, but watch the sun rise on the ultimate 24 hour experience in Rio De Janeiro.

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