32 Hours in Amsterdam

Amsterdam- The Capitol of Netherlands. This city is not for the reserved-  be prepared to take in a million things all at once. There is never a quiet night in Amsterdam. From street markets to nightclubs to giant festivals that fill the streets, you could NEVER be bored.

I hit the road from The Hague to enjoy just 32 hours in this city before heading on to France and Italy… so I figured why not pack a weeks worth of fun into one day? Amsterdam is like a giant ancient city filled with modern entertainment. You will be stunned by the beauty and numbed by the drugs. A basic known fact to all- marijuana is legal in Amsterdam and as an avid adventure seeker- I thought WHY NOT! When in Amsterdam right?

9am: Arrive. Check into my Hotel- The Bulldog Backpackers … I wanted the FULL Amsterdam experience.. and this is where you will find it. Crazy rooms with eclectic art, ‘coffee (weed) shop” downstairs, cool music and a great location right on the Red Light district!

10am: Hire a Bike and Get Cycling- Head through Dam Square, wind through as many streets and neighbourhoods as you possibly can!!!!

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12pm: Stop for Lunch- grab anything you like but I would recommend the Dutch Food- try Stroopenwaffles (chewy waffles with caramel) or these beauties- Croquettes!

1pm: Get back on that bike and go see the I AMSTERDAM Sign and why not grab a beer at the Heineken Bar next door! Take in the weird and wonderful people that are walking past… you never know what you can find.

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2pm: Head back to the bulldog, try a joint or a hash brownie and chill out with your feet up listening to Bob Marley and the greats… what a way to relax!

5pm: Head up to your room, have a shower and get ready for a big night out. Only bring enough cash for a good night- Amsterdam isn’t too expensive!! Plus you do have to be careful of pickpocketters on the busy streets and in clubs- so make sure you have a bag that has a zip and hold it close by!

7pm- Grab a big meal before you go out- there are a million bars and restaurants to choose from so take a stroll and pick any that tickle your fancy!

9pm– Head straight back to the Red Light District- You have to see this, even if you aren’t drinking or smoking- it is a part of the culture and at best, a good laugh. DO NOT take photos of the girls- it is illegal!!! The bright lights will surely get you pumped for a fun night out… so get ready, its going to be a long night!

11pm onwards– With 24 hours I would only suggest the best, so head to…

Chupitos Shooter Bar– This place is CRAZY!!! 3 Euro for shots that are lit on fire, erupt, smoke- IT’S AN ART! This tiny hidden bar is absolutely pumping and packed with tourists- my tip if there is a line is to say you are with contiki- its a little cheeky but it will get you in!

The Leidseplein is the ‘nightclubbing’ area and has a lot to offer the party animals of the world. For the hard core the, Air or  Melkweg (Milkyway) and also Paradiso clubs are top spots to get your party shoes on!

sleep, eat, repeat…

8am: Wake up (with a killer hangover) and make your way to one of the following museums… you wont have time for all so pick your interest! I know  your heads sore but with 24 hours you can’t miss this!!!! Plus the lines are huge! (I say be there by 8.30am)

Van Gogh Museum- The world has uncovered the beauty of Van Gogh, and so should you! For only 15 euro, you can see the world’s largest collection of the Van Gogh Masterpieces, take in his life work.

Anne Frank House- honestly this is my choice. The story of Anne Frank will inspire and lift the darkest hearts. This little girl was hidden away from the war as she wrote her tragic stories in her diary. Unbelievable heartache runs through these tiny hallways, so much misery yet so much bravery. Don’t miss this for a headache!!!

12-2pm- Lunch Time, take in the canal lifestyle and pull up a chair at a cute café. Dam Square is a great place to head if you have no idea where to go- heaps of activity all year round!

3pm– Shopping, smoking- do what your heart tells you to do! My favourite spots are the Red Light District, Dam Square and just north of the I Amsterdam Sign- just get walking!

4pm– Say Goodbye to this wonderful slice of the world ! 🙁

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