15 Great Movies to Watch When Travelling

If your flight, train or bus transit time is upwards of two hours, what better way than to settle in for a movie? These are the 5 best movies for watching while travelling (according to me!).

15 movies for travel

1. 10 Things I hate about you

Heath Ledger and Julia stile, great music and an entertaining story line. Enough said.


2. The Butterfly Effect

So twisted it will keep your engulfed the WHOLE trip- time will fly past!


3. Train Wreck

The funniest movie of the last 3 years- hands down.


4. Shutter Island

Leo at his finest, another twisted story that will keep you glued to the screen from start to finish.


5. Disney, Disney, Disney

Take your pick- I personally love myself a little Aladdin and Lion King while travelling!

disney cartoon

6. Bring It On

We sexy, we cute, we popular to boot. Bitchin’, great hair- the boys all love to stare!  CLASSIC chick flick and all round feel good.


7. Pretty Woman

Julia Roberts being sassy, sexy and making dollar-dollar bills.


8. Love Actually

The ultimate sappy love movie- with a unique story line. To this date, one of my all time favourites and the perfect distraction from reality.


9. Valentines Day

Another great love story saga that will have you in giggles- completely forgetting the fact your a thousand miles high up!


10. David Attenborough

No matter how stressed, anxious and irritable you feel- Attenborough will sooth your soul. Plus you gain some cool facts on your destination!


11. Men In Black

Will Smith in his younger glory, killing aliens and looking amazeballs in a suit- ummm yes!


12. 300

Gruesome, tragic and a little intense for some, 300 is long enough and interesting enough that time will shoot on by. You can also learn some interesting Greek history!


13. Titanic

Leo, Leo, Leo. Why you have to be so adorable? Another tragic favourite that you will be so wrapped up in, the world will seem so far away. Just don’t watch it on a luxury cruise!


14. Eurotrip

Heading to Europe? You simply MUST watch this classic comedy. Drinking, partying and losing their way through the EU, you will get inspired and laugh your butt off.


15. The Beach

I only recently saw this and wish I had MUCH sooner. Unless your on your way to Thailand (in which case, this is NOT the movie for you) then this is the perfect travellers tale to inspire your adventurous side.


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