10 Tips to Surviving Group Travel

Are you heading on a group tour this year? Well check out these great tips to keeping your cool, meeting new people and making the best of your trip!


1. Learn to let things go

If the tour is late, you miss a planned stop or the bus brakes down, learn to move on quickly! Don’t dwell on negativity or you will spend the whole trip in a bad mood while others have fun.

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2. Be nice to your guide

They are there to help you, they want you to see and experience the most you can so listen, learn and be kind- without them you wouldn’t be there!

3. Be social

Staying up late drinking isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, but why not sit around with a coffee and enjoy the social aspect. The best part of group travel is learning about your new friends and this is where it happens most. You might even end up dancing on the tables yourself!

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4. Follow the safety rules

They are there for a reason! Australia in particular can be a very unsafe place, so when a guide tells you to swim in a certain area- you do it! Why? Because you may get eaten by a shark, stung by jellyfish or pulled out to sea by a riptide- now that is a great way to ruin a holiday!

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5. Be helpful

Yes, you have paid to be there, but helping is common curtesy. Offer to pack the bus, clean the dishes, cook the dinners- you will have fun doing it and more hands make faster work!


6.  Don’t listen to the gossip

If people in your group are whinging about another person, don’t join in, in fact, do the opposite! I go and sit with the person of interest and get to know them for myself, if I don’t like them then that is up to me!

7. Switch it up

Most groups tend to branch off into smaller groups which is human nature, but why not opt to go for a walk with another group one day instead of the ones you are closer to, you will make new friends and feel great.

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8. If you have a question, ask it!

The guides are there to help, and believe it or not- are very knowledgeable! If you don’t understand something or want to know more, ask them! They may even look it up for you and find the answer

9.  Don’t fall into the age gap

Tours tend to have people of all ages, but you will be surprised how awesome a 56 year old can be. Spread your wings and get to know every single person, you may make lifelong friendships

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10. It is your holiday too.

You have paid for it, you are in charge of your day. If you don’t feel up for a hike, don’t like swimming or want more action, simply ask your guide. There is always another option, you can wake up early and go for a walk, sleep on the beach or take a separate day trip- just make sure you check with the guide and aren’t missing out on the best part of the trip!


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