10 Reasons to Travel in Your TWENTIES

1. You are healthy and growing each day

In our twenties our minds and bodies are going through the final growth stages, so take advantage of the fact you can run longer, hike further and swim deeper

2. You will be able to be more social than an adult

In your twenties it is pretty much compulsory to be a party animal every now and again, which is a perfect way to meet new people! Backpackers across the globe have great pub crawls and bars and you are bound to meet some life long friends- even people you may end up travelling with!

3. You have a lifetime to pay off debt

I was in $10,000 debt at the age of 20. Yes… it sucked and I wouldn’t recommend doing it unless you have to-BUT- I also knew I could pay it off in instalments and I had travelled the globe, become a better person and made lifelong friendships… I think I had my priorities straight!

4. You will still pull off the excuse- “I am new to this”.

Sometimes being young is a great excuse, whether it be forgetting something, missing a flight, falling over in front of hundreds- the excuse covers it all.

5. You have nothing holding you back

No kids (assumingly), no mortgage, no reason NOT to go. When you have a house and family, travel will never be the same. You won’t be able to hike to the top of Mount Fuji with a baby, so go before you have no option.

6. You will never regret travel.

Nobody I have ever met has told me they regret travelling. The only regret I hear is people who never went.

7. You will never look better!

Let’s be honest, we are in our prime and damn do we look good!

8. You can still use your parents for support

No 50 year old can call their parents in a jam and ask for a credit card- so maybe taking advantage of mumma and papa ain’t so bad!

9. You will save big bucks being a backpacker

Most hotels, hostels and tourism destinations offer youth discounts, backpacker rates and packages- take advantage!

10. Because you want to.

The fact of the matter is, you are reading a travel blog and obviously have a wanderlust growing inside you. What is really stopping you? Finances, school, family? Research will go a long way, you can study abroad, get a loan, skype your parents- there really is nothing stopping you- except for yourself!

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  1. So so true! I believe everyone should travel while they’re young and able- also gives you a real edge when it comes to finding a job after travel as it shows that you’re willing to put yourself out there, take the plunge and throw yourself into something new. Cheers for sharing!


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